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Create a realistic image of you wearing digital clothes with DRESSX AI

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DRESSX AI key features

Dressing in up to 45 s

Accurate pose detection

Body size inclusive

Unlimited dressing

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DRESSX AI use cases


Create eye-catching content for social media

Make sure your social posts don't stay unnoticed. Create new fashion content instantly and post metalooks straight to your socials! You can also use this tech to wear your DRESSX NFTs.

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Try-on for e-commerce

Allow your customers to instantly try on clothes in their photos right on a product page and check the fit before buying a physical item.

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Suggest your
customer to try on

Customer uploads a photo
and gets the result


Dress your profile picture

Enhance your social profile avatar using digital outfits.

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Create your look of the day

Choose one top and one bottom

Choose a full-body photo

between 1MB and 10MB

or try on sample photo

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